Podcasts for Worship Leaders

Recently I was asked about podcasts I listen to, and I realized as I answered how much I've been helped by some of these podcasts in the last year as I've been seeking to grow as a Christian, leader, worship leader and musician. So, here are some of the podcasts that have helped me:


The Worship Ministry Training Podcast by Alex Enfiedjian has been extremely helpful to me in growing as a worship leader and staying inspired and challenged to grow myself and my team. A combination of interviews, advise on worship topics, tips and inspiration, it's always clear, concise, actionable content. 

 Write here…

Write here…

The Beyond Sunday Podcast is a treasure chest of helpful and inspiring interviews with worship leaders from just about every brand of church and team you could think of. Hearing how others work and think is invaluable and David is great at bringing it out of his interviewees.


The Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast is pure gold for anyone leading anything, in or out of the church. This one has grown me tremendously in my understanding of leadership as a skill and practice.


The Daily Liturgy Podcast by Coram Deo in Omaha, Nebraska, has become a nearly daily habit for me. They literally just read the Bible and pray, with some ambient music in the background, but it's generally really well done and a great way to pass the time in the car or jogging or whatever.

The Church Media Podcast is one I've just more recently started listening to, but already there's been some hugely helpful episodes for me as a worship leader.


Song exploder is just fascinating for me. Musicians take apart the making of a particular song, often from idea to demo to full recording. It's so interesting and inspiring to hear how other's creative process works.

Reliance Worship Song Playlists!

Thanks to my friend Jordan Baldwin, we now have playlists of the songs we do regularly at Reliance Church available for both Spotify and Apple Music! If you're a worship servant or you just go to the church, put these on shuffle and learn our songs so you can sing along easily on Sundays:

Reliance Worship Song List - Apple Music

Reliance Worship Song List - Spotify

I've slimmed the song list down a lot lately to make it easier for new people to learn our songs, and I'm constantly auditing the songs we have and potential new songs. I love Brenton Collyer's post discussing new songs HERE and Alex Enfiedjian's Podcast episode discussing a church's song diet HERE



400 people showed up to the sunrise service, and it was right next to my favorite coffee shop, Augies. Win/win.


3 more services, 45 people have their lives to Jesus and more got baptized. Minimal pictures here because I was busy leading worship. We showed the baptisms live during worship in the screen and it really added magic to the worship. People were cheering constantly, the whole thing was very engaging.


  Then we headed to our neighbor/in-laws house for Easter festivities.



My little introvert offspring, playing with the egg dye by herself at the end of the day.